What we do

Public affairs


  • Knows that Government, local authorities, bureaucrats, trade bodies, consumer organisations and pressure groups can affect how you operate
  • Recognises the serious damage which misinformation and preconceptions can cause to your reputation

Hadstrong will…

  • Ensure you know about activities which may affect your business
  • Identify and brief key decision-makers and allies to make sure your voice is heard
  • Develop concise messages
  • Monitor and prepare evidence for Parliamentary Select Committees
  • Prepare submissions to Central and Local Government
  • Communicate with elected representatives of Parliament and their executives; trade bodies, unions, pressure groups, and consumer organisations

Media relations


  • Has a wealth of experience in positioning organisations in the media – from annual results and corporate restructures through to company launches and ongoing news
  • Knows how the media operate and how to get the best out of a story
  • Regularly achieves blanket UK media coverage on behalf of its clients – reaching audiences of the BBC’s Today programme, News at Ten, national papers and all-important specialist trade press
  • Boosts your brand awareness with tactical use of social media

Hadstrong will…

  • Get to know and understand your business
  • Build cost-effective campaigns
  • Seek beneficial alliances and opportunities for comment
  • Build long-term relationships with clients and for clients for sustained impact
  • Become part of your team – available any day at any time
  • Provide simple, cost-effective means of evaluation

Managing a crisis & media training

Whether promoting your company or defending your reputation, Hadstrong can help

  • Coach your senior team on the workings of the media
  • Help you understand what can go wrong and how the outside world will see it
  • Supply written briefs for future possible media scenarios
  • Train your people how to handle a crisis, what to say, and who should say it
  • Provide intensive, hands-on radio and TV interview practice and vital feedback
  • Assess your reputation against others in the market and help you to have the best

Hadstrong will also…

  • Manage your organisation through strategic change
  • Hadstrong is not afraid to tackle issues management head-on, and will work with your own communications teams, or take a brief straight from the top
  • We’ll build a powerful communication strategy to protect your business and reputation