Road Safety Foundation

The Road Safety Foundation in the UK is part of a wider global group International Road Assessment Programme which is now saving lives in 100 countries worldwide.

Based on physical road assessment and road crash data, it carries out research into all factors affecting the safe use of public roads in the UK.

Working with Hadstrong, the Road Safety Foundation, in partnership with Ageas Insurance has campaigned systematically through Government for funding for higher-risk roads.

This led to the establishment of The Safer Roads Fund to treat the 50 highest risk local A road sections in England with remedial road safety engineering interventions. As a result £100 million has been committed by the Department for Transport across 48 schemes. The charity – with Hadstrong’s support – continues to campaign for further funding based on significant projected rates of return on investment.

Road Safety Markings Association

Over a 10-year period, Hadstrong, with the CEO, worked on a succession of numerous campaign themes to promote the importance of high quality and well-maintained road markings in the UK, in Europe and in the United States.

Dark skies

Worked with the Galloway Dark Skies Park

Roads that Cars Can Read

A series of three reports led by EuroRAP on the relationship between road infrastructure and safety for conventional and increasingly-autonomous vehicles (AVs). The report highlighted new risks likely to arise where road maintenance – such as poor line markings – would be missed by AV detection technology leading to crashes.

In particular, the RSMA campaigned for Lane Keep technology to become mandatory on cars. The European Parliament has now given the green light to new minimum EU vehicle safety requirements that will come into force from 2022. It is anticipated that all new cars, vans, lorries and buses sold in Europe will be fitted as standard with Lane Keep Assist, among a range of new vehicle safety features.

Raising the profile of road markings among politicians

As part of pre-General Election lobbying, we contacted all prospective parliamentary candidates about the importance of simple road markings to the everyday business of their voters. Issues included the sheer value for money of white lines in saving lives; the need for clear markings as the population ages; the quality – or poor quality – of markings on local roads vs national roads; and the role of markings in keeping children safe around schools.


Led a joint project with Professor Steve Taylor, professional advisor to the Optical Confederation, and Newcastle University’s Ageing Research Faculty to assess how important high-quality road markings are to the ageing driver.

High levels of retro-reflectivity are needed to get sufficient information back to the older eye, especially at night and during heavy rains. This not only gave us a powerful campaigning message, but also helped inform RSMA members about the need to research and develop new types of road markings. Glass bead manufacturers are now fine-tuning their designs to compensate for a film of moisture, ensuring that light is reflected from the beads even during heavy rains.

LifeLines & Compare The Markings

A series of biennial reports on the quality of road markings across Great Britain. Results were shared across national and local media as well as briefed directly to MPs, Ministers and government departments.

Conferences and summits

Worked with the EU Road Federation on a joint European Road Infrastructure Congress in Leeds

Series of “Making the Network Work” conferences, including issues such as Health and Safety in the highways sector, training and recruitment, finding and maintenance, and managing the growing gap between locally- and nationally-maintained roads.

Transport Network

Incorporating Highways Magazine, Smart Highways, Highways Awards, Traffex series of events, CAV Scotland.

Here are just some of the activities of the Transport Network team where Hadstrong has helped raise the profile.

Hadstrong also engages throughout the year with exhibitors, would-be conference delegates, speakers, industry leaders and innovators sharing news of Transport Network’s events and initiatives.

Predina Tech

This innovative startup needed to get a foothold in the road safety, highways, fleet and automotive sectors. Hadstrong introduced the CEO to innovators at Highways England and the Department of Transport, connected the company to respected global road safety organisations and secured speaking roles with leading vehicle rental association. As a result of working with Hadstrong, the CEO is about to embark on a series of speaking engagements at major automotive tech summits in Silicon Valley.


Compiling in a report a comprehensive review of speeding policies and their effectiveness for RoadSafe