Hadstrong was founded in 2005 by Becky Hadley and David Armstrong, colleagues and friends who had headed the press offices of the AA and the RAC respectively.

Our knowledge of the road transport sector enabled us to specialise in this area, and we have had the great fortune to enjoy our work with an excellent range of clients, and successfully build long-term relationships with them. Becky Hadley continues to lead the team and grow Hadstrong’s interests.

If “road transport sector” sounds a bit niche, don’t be daunted. We cover road safety issues ranging from walking to school to government policy on road design, mobile phone use, driving standards and much more; on road infrastructure – embracing autonomous cars, road markings, maintenance and investment; and some of the longer-term global issues of air quality, vehicle design and intelligent transport. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to see what’s stirring our curiosity.